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Air Therapy – Woman


Called “the flower of all flowers”, ylang-ylang is one of the most used essences in women’s perfumes:

narcotic, sweet, with a “creamy” and intensely erotic background.

The floral note, considered by heart, gives the composition an initial “push”,

marrying beautifully with the top notes.

The essential oil is extracted from the Cananga odorata tree, from the Annonaceæ family,

a small plant with pendulous

branches, similar to the willow,

with flowers reminiscent of the sea anemone,

with long pink or yellow curved petals.

According to a legend, the birth of the plant dates back to the story of two peasants who, unable to have children,

turned to a “managanito” – a sort of soothsayer-shaman – who succeeded,

thanks to supernatural mediation,

to have the concession of the gods, on one condition: the child who was born,

should not have been touched by any suitor.

The girl who was born became so beautiful that one day a young man,

seeing her walking in a garden, fell madly in love with her.

But when he handed her a bouquet of flowers,

he accidentally touched her hand …

And so it was that the beautiful girl turned into a beautiful tree with fragrant flowers.

The name of the shrub seems to have doubtful meaning,

it is thought that it can derive from two distinct words in tagalor, or ilang,

a lost and wild region,

andylang-ylang, uncommon and rare.


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